Tom and I have 4 children. Sure I only gave birth to 2 of them, sure my stepchildren have a biological mother, and sure I cannot replace her.

BUT, for those of you who insist I REALLY only have 2 children, I invite you to do a head count at my breakfast, lunch and dinner table, to take note of how many good night hugs and kisses I give and receive. Please check how many laundry hampers are brimming with clothes to be cleaned, follow me as I make my way from one sporting event to the other any given night of the week.

If I only REALLY have 2 children, why did I just book 6 dentist appointments? Why am I driving this minivan? And whose shoes are all over my front foyer?

Really being someone’s mom isn’t about giving birth to someone, it’s about caring for them, providing for them, and being there for them.

I have 4 children. Some of those children have more than one (step) mom.

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