Cancer is such a weird thing. It seems like everyone has been touched by it, like it’s viral almost. There is very little I fear, but I fear Cancer.

Perhaps because it almost took my father from me… twice, or maybe because it seems to run in my family. Two of my aunts had Breast Cancer. One didn’t survive.

Some days, I don’t want to touch my breasts for fear that I might find something, others I poke and prod like a mad woman to be sure there is nothing there. Cancer is like the Boogey Man, you kinda just think it’s going to jump out at you one day and scare the pants off of you.

That’s kind of how it feels when it affects someone in your life too.

So, in hopes of bettering the chance that Cancer isn’t going to jump out and scare the pants off you, The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation has put together a little thing (and by little thing I mean Nationwide) called The Yard Sale For The Cure.

Last night, I was lucky enough to take part in the Yard Sale For The Cure Media Challenge in order to raise awareness for the actual event, which takes place May 26th.

I was on the Mom Central Canada / Parents Canada team, a power house team if ever I have seen one. We at Mom Central provided the team uniform of hot pink grass skirts and leis which, I might add, went perfectly with the team shirts given to us by the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

Now, here is what we had to do. We were in the Artifacts room at the Liberty Grand, and in the middle of the room, there was a pile of “junk” provided by 1-800-GOT-JUNK. I use the term junk very loosely, as this was some of the nicest junk I have ever seen.

So, our team had to run and grab as much stuff as we could get our hands on and then create our own yard sale using that stuff. We would be judged on presentation, selection, and pricing.

When they said “Go”, I took off running, and I grabbed a duffle bag full of about 10 or 12 toys, I thought I was doing so amazing. Then I returned to our table only to find that the rest of my team had managed to grab almost the entire pile of stuff. I’m not sure how they did it, but I was happy to be on their team!

We then had to organize our giant pile of “junk” into something that resembled a store, price everything, make signs, and decorate. Parents Canada had brought a popcorn maker, so we were also selling popcorn, and we offered a “Free Massage with Every Purchase”. They had brought back massagers also. This really was the team to be on!

When time was up (we had 30 minutes), we had some how transformed our giant pile into a yard sale.

The judges went around and looked at all the tables (4 in total), and let us know how we did. They seemed very complimentary towards our sale, but beside us was the “designers”. I’m not kidding, it was a team FULL of designers. Their presentation was beautiful! Everything looked perfect and pretty and everything was tied up with bows. As the judges said, “It looked like Martha Stewart was putting on a yard sale.”

Here’s the thing though. Have you ever been to a yard sale? They aren’t pretty and perfect. They are a giant pile of stuff! So Mom Central Canada and Parents Canada were the victors!

We will cherish our gold lion trophy until next year, when we plan to clean house again! All in the name of kicking Cancer’s ass, of course.

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